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Here are a few Basic questions we ask our clients:

a. Did you find the route within your riding capabilities? 
b. Was the route and scenic and interesting?
c. Can you list any highlights of the experience?
d. Was the accommodation acceptable and comfortable?
e. Were the Motorcycles and accessories in good condition?
f. What rating out of ten would you give the whole experience with Motorbikehire?
g. Was the experience something you would recommend to friends with similar Motorcycling
h. Would you consider touring with Motorbikehire again?

Jon, Eirik, Jarle, Norway - 7 Day Garden Route and Baviaanskloof Adventure

a: Route was challenging, but along with Your  good guiding and instructions ,  the route was within our riding capabilities.
b. The route was very interesting  in beautiful scenery. Fantastic is the right word , I think.
c:  Riding through  Baviaanscloof,   and in general the quality of the Food served .
d  Accomodation  very good, and gave us interesting  experience in the South African Country side.  In my opinion, better and more interesting accomodation than high  class hotels that we find everywhere. 
e:  Motorcycles and accessories : very good condition.
f.  The whole experience, I will give it 9.    I would say that we should  arrive in evening about one 
    hour  earlier.   Reason for this is that all  the locations were interesting, and it would be nice to have some more time spent at these.
g. The experience I would absolutely recommend to friends .
h: Very likely.

First off all, your country is beautiful, the roads are great, both gravel and tar and your Yamaha ‘s is good to ride. What make our trip extra special is your guiding, we would never had this experience without you, perfect routes, nice lunch restaurants and very exciting and special guesthouses where we spend the nights. The places you took us doubled the value. Can I be any better? Yes it can – you as a person did that, it has been a pleasure to get to know you and ride with you.

Regards Jon

Dan, Essex, UK - 3 Day Cederberg Mountain Adventure

a. Yes, it was challenging having no previous experience but the training and talking through was more than adequate.
b. Absolutely. I didn’t expect the tour of the scenery off of the bike.
c. The unexpected walking around historical sites and places of interest.
d. Yes, the accommodation was perfect, the host a true gentleman and the food amazing.
e. Immaculate, the bikes were like new.
f. 10/10 in all aspects. Bikes (XT660Z and Super Ten), knowledge, training, and social aspects!
g. yes 100% - no matter what level of experience you have.
h. Yes definately, either as a guided or GPS tour

• The tour was perfect. Craig is a professional rider, photographer & historian!
• The unexpected sight-seeing was a great bonus.
• It was a very rewarding experience.
• Beautiful scenery.

Gerhard - South Africa - 4 Day Karoo Adventure (Personalised Tour Route)

a. Yes.
b. fabulously wonderful.
c. the disappearance of the outside world because of the wonder of the ride,
....the challenge and focus and sheer beauty of the country.
d. Excellent.
e. cannot fault anything at all.
f. 10.25 ;-)
g. Have already done so with a number of friends.
h. absolutely you could not drag me away with a Super Tenere!

It was just simply a wonderfully great experience for which I am truly grateful to have had the joy of creating memories and the yearning for more adventure rides. Craig is right it is food for the soul! His guidance and knowledge was superb.
My skill level has grown much although my ego and wallet took a knock on one (two) corner/s where confidence overcame skill and Tenere and I ended inverted in the dust.

Gertjan - Netherlands - 4 Day Coastal & Mountain Adventure

a. Yes, it was easy to learn even without any training beforehand.
b. Very beautiful and challenging
c. Riding of course ;)
d. Yes, good concept of going from basic to more comfort each night
e. Everything was in perfect condition
f. 9, because perfection does not exist
g. Yes, in fact I've done it already
h. Yes please! ;)

The 4 day coastal and mountain adventure is a very nice trip with some of the best parts of the whole of SA. The trip is well balanced and offers a lot of different views and experiences. Also the tips and teachings from Craig Marshall taught me a lot and opened a new biking world for me. And trying out new sandtracks does pay off !

Review - Netherlands


John - Florida, USA - Coastal & Mountain Adventure

a. Definitely. I consider myself a dual sport novice/intermediate rider.
... Starting out was easy and gave me an opportunity to get a feel for the bike.
... Second and third days were perfect.
b. Yes, the riding conditions and scenery were always changing, making the tour
... enjoyable and interesting.
c. Too many to list. Scenery: De Hoop beaches, Hermanus Bay,
... Coastal road on day 3. Riding: Bonniedale access roads
d. Yes
e. Yes, perfect.
f. 10
g. Yes
h. Yes, need to plan another SA trip so we can take the Namibian tour

This was an adventure tour of a lifetime and exceeded my expectations in every way. The trip was very well organized and informative. The riding pace, meals, lodging, and scenery was perfect. Craig Marshall (our route guide) was outstanding!
No negative aspects of the trip whatsoever.

4 Day Coastal and Mountain Adventure

Mark - Cape Town, RSA - Cederberg Mountain Adventure

a. Yes definitely
b. Yes very interesting
c. The afternoon ride after arriving at the lodge. The technical section through the Eselbank to
... Wupperthal the next morning was fantastic.
d. The accommodation was great. Quite suitable for bikers.
e. The bikes were in excellent condition. No problems whatsoever.
f. 9/10
g. Yes
h. Yes

The entire trip was way beyond my expectations - extremely exciting and challenging. The lodge was comfortable and gave us a chance to meet other adventure riders and exchange stories. The roads were challenging and required a certain level of concentration, thus being physically fit is definitely an advantage.

Cederberg Tour

Gora - London, UK - 1 Day Overberg Adventure (Personalised Tour Route)

a. Yes. The gravel road sections were great fun.
b. The Scenery was breathtaking and it was definitely a great way to see so much of the
... Cape area in 1 day.
c. I loved the Yamaha XT 660 and again the scenery was unbelievable. The fact that Craig took
... some great shots on a proper camera that I was then able to put straight on to my computer
... was a real bonus too.
d. Not Applicable - it was a one day tour
e. Excellent. Like new.
f. 8-9 out of ten - One of the best biking experiences I've had. Very highly recommended.
g. Absolutely. Have already recommended it to colleagues and friends.
h. Will definitely go riding with Craig again. Looking forward to doing some more technical
... off road riding next time.

Jeroen - Netherlands - Cederberg Mountain Adventure

a. Yes
b. Yes
c. Cederberg in general is beautifull
d. Yes
f. 7/10
g. Yes
h. YES.

Trip and scenery was great. 1st day wast great and first part of 2nd day as well.

John - UK - Cederberg one Day Adventure

a. Yes
b. Yes
c. Empty roads, amazing scenery and my first gravel road
d. we did not stay overnight
e. Yes excellent
f. 10 out of 10
g. 100% yes and already have!
h. YES.

I was apprehensive (and excited) about my first “off road” experience and riding in South Africa, however there was no reason. With Craig leading the way, the roads and the mountain passes were empty and incredible. Riding in the UK, you dream of long empty roads disappearing into the horizon, and the roads and mountains of the Western Cape did not disappoint.

The gravel road to Cederberg was great for a novice to learn what is needed away from the black stuff and next time I will have the experience to tackle something more demanding (maybe!).

The Yamaha Tenere is a great bike and comfortable which was needed in the 11 hours and nearly 500k which we did (the longest bike trip I have ever done, so far.) I will definitely be back and hopefully do a three day ride.

Robin Cefai - Hong Kong - Custom 10 day South Africa and Namibia

a. Yes, the route increased in difficulty to allow time to get used to the bike and keep
... the route entertaining.
b. yes and changing everyday in landscapes and surface.
c. Karoo area, the route between fish river canyon and river canyon lodge, the cedeberg,
... Aquila's private game reserve, Craig spotting girafes in the middle of nowhere and Craig
... being chased by a cobra :)
d. yes. a good diversity of accommodation with some posh, some raw and some out of time!
e. pristine! condition
f. 12/10 :), 1 extra for the diversity and 1 extra for Craig whowas fun, interresting and accomodating!!
g. yes! definately
h. definitly!! be back

I had a great time, the first hour of riding gets you away from everything and then you keep getting further away until nothing else than the road matters. We rode through very different landscapes and routes. we had enough riding and enough time to rest and enjoy the trip. a great adventure trip!
i can't think of anything that would be negative!

Robin Cefai - Hong Kong

Olivier Cefai - Geneve, Switzerland - Custom 10 day South Africa and Namibia

a. Absolutely. The pace was good: safe but fun to ride.
b. Amazing, it's been epic! we went through breathtaking landscapes, day after day!
... What a beautiful country!
c. This was my first trip to South Africa, and I think this kind of trip is the best approach to
... discovering a country. Craig is the perfect guide: he is super-friendly, knows everything
... about SA and is passionate about it!
d. I really enjoyed the accommodation: from self-catering guest farms to 5 stars lodge, every
... one had its own charm.
e. Motorcycles were in Very good! condition
f. 10/10 !!
g. Absolutely!
h. Definitely. I consider doing it every year !

Craig promised us "the trip of our life", and that is exactly what we experienced! Friends, bikes, gravel roads, beautiful landscapes, wild animals, comfortable accommodations, sunny weather: this is happiness! good for your soul and good for your body! Next time, we will go for 12 days of ride instead of 10!

Olivier Cefai - Geneve

Nigel - London, UK - 1 Day Overberg Adventure (Personalised Tour Route)

a. Yes, and I am inexperienced! Challenging, but doable.
b. Yes, just what I wanted, a view of South Africa that few get to see.
c. My first experience of gravel, stunning views
e. Very good standard of equipment
f. 10/10
g. Yes, and I have!
h. Yes, and I have already been on the 2 day Cederberg tour, which was even more stunning!

David - United Kindom - 1 Day Overberg Adventure (Standard Tour Route)

a. Yes - this was my first time at off-road riding - and after Craig's instruction, tips and techniques
... - I was very confident and comfortable with this route.
b. Yes - Very scenic route and great to discover this area - with so many famous places so
... close to Cape Town. You really don't have to travel very far to be part of the terrain that the
... original explorers had to travel by wagon so many years ago.
c. The bike - XT1200Z - absolutely superb for this kind of riding. Craig's instruction and tips,
... route plan, his knowledge of area. Ostrich pie lunch in Napier. The overall route and great
... scenery - and the final leg along the new coastal road which was breathtaking in the
... late evening sunlight.
e. Excellent bike supplied - practically a brand new XT1200Z.
f. 11/10
g. I would definitely recommend this tour to both an experienced and novice rider.
h. Yes - would hire and tour again - and take a longer and more adventurous route in the future.

I did a significant amount of research before traveling to Cape Town - and based on many factors - decided on Dualsport. This tour is a totally different experience to maybe the usual approach of hiring a bike from a city-based company and touring the close proximity of Cape Town.
This tour takes you through farming countryside and off-road tracks that many will not see. The timing and pace is comfortable and relaxed - and flexible to enable you to ride at your own speed and cover additional distance if you want. Including a nice leisurely lunch in a picturesque village and interesting pub ( the ostrich pie is recommended) - this particular trip is suitable for anyone. The return route along the coast is stunning....see for yourself by checking out some of the the photos and videos that Craig took on my one-day tour - via this youtube link: Click here to watch video
- David Carson -

John & Tawana - Tampa Bay, USA - 4 Day - Coastal & Mountain Adventure

a. Yes
b. Definately a beautiful route & very scenic
c. De Hoop Sand Dunes, Bonnie Dale Farm & the route along the Coast
d. Accomodation was great, clean & very comfortable
e. Bike & Acc. were 100%
f. 9 out of 10
g. Yes
h. Definately Yes

The selection of roads were very scenic & never boring, plus we rode at a nice pace.
The bike was perfectly set up & the Panniers worked great. Tires were fresh & overall maintenance was tip top.
The only improvement I could suggest, pick up at the Airport & a place to stow your extra gear. The bike pick location is quite far from the Airport & having to arrange transport & accomodation not knowing the area is kinda tricky.
Craig is a great guide, knowledgeble & very accomodating.

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